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The Artist and the Art

Hello! I'm Esther, the artist behind Hadassah.

I was going about my life, minding my own business, doing my best to appreciate the good times and bad. I was learning from every little thing on my path along the way and enjoying my creative career in photography and design until one day...

The Universe decided to aggressively pull the rug out from underneath me and flip my life on its head. So I rolled with the punches, leant in to the chaos and joined the Universe on this path of unravelling the person I was, in order to find out who I am to the core on the inside.

So I got into painting and used that as my tool to learn the language of my heart and coax my soul to the surface. I was creating from the soul, not for money, not for applause, but to expose myself and find safety in the depths of my being.

Creating in this way, where the process is the goal and the end result is a bonus, lead to my soul awakening and brought me into this entirely new and powerful chapter of my life where I am in communication with the universe and delivering the lessons its teaching me to the world, through my paintbrush.

I hope that I can leave a positive mark in my wake through inspiring you to create, to explore yourself and to step into your authenticity.

Whether you love my art and want it in your home as a daily reminder to live loudly and feel deeply, or if you are here because I inspire you and you hope to do your own version of what I'm doing... I'm so glad you're here.

So much love,

Esther / Hadassah xo