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Fancy seeing you here!

I'm Esther Boyd, the wizard behind Esther's Universe and all the magic that it entails! And because I cannot be niched, I'm also the artist behind Hadassah art, which has its own art store within this site. 


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Among many, one of my favourite aspects of my life is my relationship with my teenage son. I moved out of home at 16 and then had him when I was 17 (almost 18), so we've grown up together! We're only 1 generation apart so we get along so well and we're all about healthy communication, being silly gooses and helping each other grow.


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I'm on a mission to make earth a better place to live for us all by inspiring and guiding us to our highest joy, love, and power. I have such a compassionate heart and I see the love in everything and everyone. I'm an incredibly grounded and spiritually connected person and I'm always thinking of the collective as if you're all in my lounge room.

To do all of that, I am spreading love, wisdom, and light through many different avenues.

My soul likes to cameo as:

  • An artist
  • Author
  • Spiritual activator & master guide
  • Alignment coach & podcaster

If you feel aligned with me, I have created a vibrant community for like-minded light-workers in Discord. If you'd like to join, we'd love to have you.


If you want a free resource with heaps of info about my awakening, about the universe, about personal development and more, my podcast is on all the major podcast platforms, it's called Esther's Universe, have a listen! 


Thanks for being here, being curious, and walking this path toward your highest power and alignment.

LYSM!! xoxo
Es xox

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