What is the 'Higher Self'?

What is the 'Higher Self'?

The concept of the "higher self" is rooted in various spiritual and metaphysical traditions and refers to a transcendent or elevated aspect of one's own consciousness. 


It is often considered the truest, wisest, and most authentic part of an individual. The higher self is believed to exist beyond the limitations of the ego and the everyday personality, representing a more profound and spiritually connected aspect of one's being.


Here are some key aspects associated with the higher self:


Spiritual Essence: The higher self is seen as a spiritual essence or core aspect of an individual that transcends the physical, mental, and emotional dimensions. It is considered to be a source of higher wisdom, compassion, and understanding.


Connection to Universal Consciousness: Many belief systems suggest that the higher self is connected to a universal or divine consciousness. It reflects a deeper connection to the cosmic or divine intelligence that transcends individual experiences.


Guidance and Intuition: The higher self is often thought to communicate with the individual through intuition, gut feelings, or inner guidance. Trusting and aligning with the higher self is believed to lead to more aligned and purposeful decision-making.


Transcendence of Ego: The ego, associated with the everyday personality, desires, and fears, is considered a lower aspect of consciousness. The higher self is seen as transcending these egoic concerns, operating from a place of love, compassion, and unity.


Personal Growth and Transformation: Connecting with the higher self is often viewed as a crucial aspect of personal growth and spiritual evolution. It involves shedding limiting beliefs, overcoming ego-driven desires, and aligning with a higher purpose or calling.


Unity and Oneness: The concept of the higher self is sometimes linked to the idea of oneness and unity with all of existence. It emphasises that at a deeper level, individuals are interconnected with each other and with the broader cosmos.


Ultimately, the idea of the higher self provides a framework for individuals to explore their inner spiritual dimensions, seek personal transformation, and connect with a sense of purpose and unity with the universe.


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