Universal Consciousness and it's connection to our earthly bodies

Universal Consciousness and it's connection to our earthly bodies

Understanding our true nature is essential for personal growth and fulfilment. Without our bodies, we are simply consciousness that merges back into the ether, part of the vast energetic field of the universe.


This is what it means when people say we are all one. We are all part of the same universal consciousness, intertwined in a cosmic dance of energy.

Imagine yourself in space, just a piece of space dust floating around. Before we are born, we are just this consciousness, a part of the universe. When we take our first breath, a portion of this universal consciousness infuses into our bodies, animating them.

Without this consciousness, our bodies are merely part of the Earth’s energy, destined to return to dust and become one with the Earth again.

Visualise your body lying in a beautiful field. Your consciousness, however, is outside of it, observing. The body, without you in it, is just part of the Earth’s energy cycle, destined to become fertiliser, nurturing trees and continuing the cycle of life.
Now, when you reintroduce your universal consciousness into this body, it becomes aware and begins to function in harmony with the consciousness within it.

The body represents the Earth, and the consciousness represents the universe. Together, they form a unified whole.

This union is powerful because the consciousness of the universe created the Earth, this body, and life itself. You, as a part of this universal consciousness, created your own experience here on Earth.

You are the universe experiencing itself through your body, through interactions with others, and through the relationships you form. Everything around you—your body, other people, the trees, the birds, the ocean—is an extension of you. Your consciousness has crafted these experiences, and you are here to learn, develop, and enjoy this life.

Recognising that all the energy around you is an extension of yourself changes your perspective. Your body, your consciousness, and everything else are one and the same. To truly thrive, you must become harmonious with the energy of your body, recognising it as an integral part of your universal self.

If you ignore your body and get caught up in societal pressures—such as the relentless pursuit of material possessions—you lose sight of your true purpose. While it's fun to have things, they are not the ultimate goal of life. The purpose of being alive is to experience joy, happiness, love, and connection.
Prioritise these aspects, and let material things follow naturally. (Because it's still fine to love pretty things!!).

Your consciousness and your body are both manifestations of energy. Embracing this unity helps you live in harmony with yourself. When you disregard your body's needs, you are essentially disregarding a part of yourself.
The world might push you to focus on external achievements and possessions, but true fulfilment comes from within, from nurturing the connection between your consciousness and your body.

To truly trust yourself and navigate life effectively, you need to align with your body's energy. Sit quietly, breathe deeply, and ask your body questions about what it needs. Feel into your body, recognise its habitual patterns, and consciously work to shift your energy in the desired direction. This practice helps you understand your body’s needs and assures it that you are present and protective.

When you achieve harmony between your consciousness and your body, you become more attuned to the energy around you. You start to see yourself in everything and everyone, fostering a deeper connection with the world. This realisation brings a profound sense of peace and belonging, as you understand that you are part of a larger, universal consciousness.

Remember, you are the universe experiencing itself. Embrace your body, honour its needs, and recognise it as an essential part of your existence. By doing so, you align with your true purpose, fostering joy, love, and connection in every aspect of your life. Prioritise your inner harmony, and let the rest follow naturally. This is the path to true fulfilment and the essence of being alive.

Love Es xo
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