Aligning with Your Body's Energy to Ground and Connect

Aligning with Your Body's Energy to Ground and Connect

The main thing is to really trust yourself. You know what you need, even if you don't really know exactly what you need, you can trust yourself to find it. Allowing yourself to feel into your body more helps you discover what you need.


Many of us are very self-aware and skilled at intellectualising our way around situations. However, being self-aware doesn't always mean we're free from recurring issues. We might understand a situation but still loop around the same problems or feelings, asking ourselves, "Why can't I get past this?" The answer often lies in the need to do energy work in our bodies.


The human body is the physical representation of the universe. Being aware is important, but aligning your human energetic body with the situation is crucial, whether you're moving towards something new or trying to move away from something old.


Even if you don't know exactly where you want to go, knowing you want to change is a start. Your body has habits and is used to certain feelings.


Sometimes, your body triggers itself into feeling the same emotions over and over, even without external triggers. It’s like your body is on an automatic loop, stuck in a habitual frequency.


When you're very self-aware, it's easy to question why you can't move past certain feelings. The key is to bring yourself into your body with the intention of shifting energy in the direction you want it to go.


First, tell your body it is safe and that you are now in control of the situation. If you’re constantly hustling and always working hard, you might struggle to slow down. You feel guilty for not being productive for even a short period.


This is because we live in a world that moves too fast, and we are always doing too much. Our bodies get stuck in this habit, not allowing us to feel and understand what's truly going on inside.


It’s essential to sit down, take some deep breaths, and ask your body certain questions. Then, wait for a physical feeling to manifest.


For instance, if you’re unsure about what to do in a relationship, and you think the best course of action is to cut contact or break up, but you feel scared and uncertain, close your eyes and scan your body.


Visualise your consciousness moving from your throat down into your heart. How does your heart feel? Then move your consciousness into your gut. What is your gut telling you?


If you feel fear and uncertainty, this is the moment to reassure your body. Regardless of the outcome, everything will be okay. Communicate with your body, letting it know that you are consciously present and protecting it.


You are now behind the wheel of your life, no longer just pushing through to become whatever you think you need to be. You are working with your body now, assuring it that it's safe.


Removing fear from your body often involves ensuring your body that you are here, consciously and protectively. Without your body, you’re just energy returning to the ether.


You are energy from the energetic field, and your body is your vessel in this physical world.


Remember, the journey to understanding and trusting yourself involves feeling into your body, acknowledging its habitual patterns, and consciously working to shift your energy in the direction you want to go.


It’s about creating a partnership with your body, ensuring it feels safe and supported as you navigate through life’s challenges and decisions. Trust in yourself and your body's wisdom, and you will find your way.


Love Es xo

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