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The Frequency of Authenticity

The Frequency of Authenticity

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'The Frequency of Authenticity' embodies divine energy through my exploration of getting the human mind to lie down while balancing presence and channelling source energy through my heart space, onto the canvas. 

This piece has about 15 different layers underneath the final form, giving it an almost holographic vibe. 

It's a conversational piece and a comforting piece. You can stare at it for so long in a meditative state and clear your connection to the divine, to receive inspiration and light codes. Or you can stare at it with a friend and dissect what you see. She gets you thinking. 

There's a poem laid throughout the painting that says "The cosmos beams through her eyes, lines lovingly frame her lashes, I suck in my breath as she flashes a sharp smile. I've never seen someone so alive. My ears tingle with her voice's touch, as she speaks with more life than a fire. She called on a cloud and I was carried away, I'm light, I'm joy, I'm carefree. Trust me she said, as I'm falling backward, my hair flashing around my face. My stomach turned, my heart appearing in my throat. I'm enveloped by wings, in a fluffy darkness, I stretch out my arms and soar. Disbelief fell out in laughter. I turned to thank her but she was gone. Flying to meet the sun, I flashed a sharp smile, I've never felt so alive", 


The Frequency of Authenticity is acrylic and oil on canvas with a timber floating frame, ready to hang. (You can request no frame if you prefer - the price remains the same). 

Size is approx 1m x 1.2m. 

Postage is included in the investment in Australia. 

If you are outside Australia, please contact me before buying so we can organise shipping cost. 

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